Yoga For Students: Top 8 Asanas & Health Benefits

Student life comes with waves of anxiety and pressure, especially during examinations. This post focuses on the benefits of yoga for students & overcoming health issues, especially during exams. These issues lead to a lack of concentration in studies due to which students are unable to memorize and retain what they’ve learned, anxiety attacks, loss of energy and sleep, and the most dreadful ones are nightmares related to exams and career.

Although it may sound quite a cliche to ask students to stay calm and try to concentrate, there are much better ways to do so!! One of the best is “Yoga for students”. If yoga is practiced by students, it not only helps to sharpen their memory but also helps to stay calm and focused. Also, yoga relaxes mentally and physically which eventually leads to a better performance in exams as well as in life in general.


According to research by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Research), the students who practiced yoga on regular basis performed well academically than the students who didn’t. So, if you’re someone looking for ways to combat the difficulties in student life, Yoga is the key!!


Yoga not only works towards physical well-being but also towards elevating one’s emotions spiritually, which further helps to lead to an enhanced ability to tackle the problems in general day-to-day life. In Indian culture, it has been an old-age practice to teach yogasanas by gurus to their disciples so as to bring out the best in them in all walks of life.

Yoga For Students: Top 8 Asanas & Health Benefits

Here, we have the top 10 most practiced asanas in yoga for students that helps them to perform better:


The most common issue faced by students in exams is that they feel physically and mentally drained out. In this case, if Surya Namaskar is practiced, it is very helpful in reviving the lost energy by increasing the blood flow in the entire body. 


The Surya Namaskar is composed of 12 different postures. These postures work on different body parts making them energetic and in addition, it develops strength and stability mentally as well as physically. It works wonders if practiced during the morning every day.



As the name says (‘matsya’ meaning ‘fish’), this asana is also known as the fish pose. Long hours of studying lead to constant neck and back pain due to physical and mental stress in students. This asana helps in increasing the blood flow in the head and also relieves neck and back pain.



Negative thoughts are what haunts most students!!

Nadi-shodhan is what helps to maintain an emotional balance and get rid of all such thoughts. It is just a 5 minutes exercise that’ll make you emotionally, mentally, and physically strong. In this asana, the breath through alternate nostrils is manipulated by using right-hand fingers and thumb. Practicing this yoga for students can be very beneficial in a long run.



Managing time is the key to student life. Either it is going to classes regularly or while preparing for exams. Kapalbhati helps in time management by enhancing the ability to be in the present completely.

This asana is a type of pranayama and a part of hatha yoga. It helps in the cleansing of the body by enhancing vitality levels in the body. Kapalbhati results in rapid abdominal movements due to forceful exhalations and inhalation of breath.



Extreme tension and stress are a part and parcel of a student’s life and keeping calm in such situations are very necessary. Padmasana is a technique that helps to relax your conscious mind and enhances the working of the subconscious mind.


This asana not only helps in relaxing your mind and body but also improves your concentration levels if practiced on a regular basis. Also, if you practice pranayama while sitting in the padmasana position, it is helpful in releasing any sort of muscle tension which can be caused due to sitting in a single position for longer durations, especially while studying.


Now, when we’ve talked about relaxing physical stress and increasing concentration levels, let’s talk about how to sharpen your memory and also build overall fitness. 

Below mentioned are some asanas that would help you in achieving these goals.



Vrikshasana, also known as the ‘tree pose’  is very helpful in strengthening your knees. Also, this asana plays a very important role in improving your concentration levels to a huge extent. So, including vrikshasana in your daily routine is an amazing idea.



For students facing issues in memorizing stuff, Vajrasana can be a very powerful way for improvement. The duration of this asana can last from a few minutes to even half an hour, depending on your choice. It helps to calm your mind and increases the ability to concentrate while studying. Also, it helps to increase blood flow in your body and resolves digestive issues if practiced regularly.



This asana is one of the most basic ones but can get intense at the initial stage. Pasahasthasana has many physical benefits, some of which are improving blood circulation in the brain, strengthening the spine and leg muscles, and also improving flexibility. 


These are the top 8 asanas and their benefits that would be helpful if practiced by students, and everyone in general. For in-depth knowledge regarding yogasanas, yoga for students to overcome mental and physical issues, and other health issues, feel free to contact our experts at Vedamrita

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