Role of Yoga in Strengthening Your Immune System

Role of Yoga in Strengthening Your Immune System


We are all surrounded by viruses and bacteria. On one side where we all are under so much pressure on our work and striving hard to earn our bread & butter, our body is suffering the most on the other side. There is a need to improve our health and strengthen our immune system to combat serious illnesses. Although a balanced diet and maintaining hygiene reduces the risk of acquiring diseases, we need to practice yoga for the best results. A yoga session can help us kickstart the day with a lot of energy while maintaining our health and body systems. 

Yoga reduces our stress and boosts our immune system. It strengthens our body functions to hell us fight infections. Undoubtedly, it has a major role in defining how healthy we are. 

Healthy functioning of vital organs 

While we spend our entire day before the electronic media like computers, laptops, or television sets; we forget the fact that it hinders the blood circulation in our body. All the vital organs do not receive don’t function properly without proper blood circulation. This may result in building up of toxins in our body as well as blockages that may cause break down in the body systems. When you join yoga classes, you know that your body will have good circulation with blood reaching out to all the vital organs during yoga. There is an increase in the oxygen level in the blood that helps in optimal functioning of these vital organs. 

Reduces stress 

Stress can double the chances of acquiring an infection. However, yoga helps to reduce our stress by lowering the level of stress hormones and calms down our nervous system. When the nervous system relaxes, our immune system doesn’t attack the foreign bodies that enter our body. This also diminishes the symptoms and reduces inflammation. Ultimately, our immune system remains strong. 

Stabilizing of muscles and joints 

Your joints may get stiff and bones may suffer from chilling. A yoga session helps to lubricate your joints with the synovial fluid. It also stabilizes the muscles through the various exercises while providing them strength. While performing yoga, concentrate on deep breathing exercises. This also aids in better health. 

Maintains the respiratory system 

Bacteria and viruses may cause infections and illnesses that affect the respiratory system. This results in stuffiness and sore throat. The bacteria may easily invade your body and cause diseases like pneumonia or chronic bronchitis if you have a weaker immune system. Yoga is one of the essentials that help to maintain the proper functioning of the respiratory system. The breathing techniques and asanas involved in yoga help to enhance the efficiency of the lungs. This conditions the respiratory tract and increases the strength & capacity of the lungs. Ultimately, there are no infections with a strong immune system. 


Yoga includes some of the most beneficial postures and techniques that help in making significant improvements in our body and strengthening our immune system. Undoubtedly, the role of yoga in strengthening our immune system is something worth investing the time and yoga is a must in today’s environment.

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