Natural Food

Natural Food

To give available the Poison free Food, Pollution free Water and Air, also Happiest Tension free life to every living being including human being is the birth right of every human. That God gifted human right is taken off from the human being by Invisible Universal exploiter system through the Chemical and Organic Farming, Unnatural Synthetic Medicines and Unnatural Luxurious way of Human Lifestyle.

Our Vedamrita – A Way To Nature movement (for every consumer) are trying best to give available this birth right to every living being including Human, Animals, Birds, Insects and Micro Organisms. Every human means all human being may be belonging to all Religions, all Philosophies, all Political Parties, all Castes, all Countries and all Movements are the main Participants of our movement. Because everybody does not want to die with Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack or any other deathly diseases. Every body wants to survive. Everybody wants his human right to survive. Every human knows very well that all these deathly diseases are the human gift of Poisonous Food, Polluted Water, Polluted Air and Extreme Tension. So everybody want Poison free Food, Pollution free Water and Air and Tension free Life.

Our Vedamrita – A Way to Nature Movement is providing Poison free Food, Pollution free Water and Air and also Tension free Life to all parts of Human Society and all Living Beings. We are giving their birth right of survival to every body. So we are not against anybody (including input industries of Chemical Farming and Organic Farming, Agricultural Scientists and all Promoters of both these Technologies including all Agricultural department employee and sales of input) and nobody is against us or Our Mass Movement.

Entire human being and living beings are facing so many severe problems like food Crisis, Global Warming and Climate Change, Splitting of Families, increasing huge youth population of jobless people, increasing deathly diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart attack, Tuberculosis, Spondylitis, Impotency in the youth and sterility in ladies, suicides of Farmers and Urban People, increasing rural youth migration to the cities for employment, increasing global recession, severe encroachment of robot guided automatic machines and artificial intelligence on human life, increasing violence, speedily destruction of all natural resources like the fertility and productivity of the soil and micro-flora biodiversity of the soil, water, environment, living biodiversity and space, increasing natural calamities, speedily severe desertification of soil, destruction of local seeds, local cow breeds (Bos indicus), local languages and local natural culture, farmers loan waiver and all other problems. All these problems are not created by the Nature or God, are only created by human being itself through invisible universal exploiter system and this system is not having the solutions to solve these problems. We can say that our Vedamrita – A Way to Nature Movement is having the solutions.

Our natural products and farming It is totally different than chemical farming, traditional old farming, organic farming, veda farming, yogic farming and all other present agricultural technologies. All these agricultural technologies claiming that manure and fertilizers are food if the plants so we have to utilize compulsory. Vedamrita salutes to Sh. Subhash Palekar ji, that In the entire history of farming Subhash Palekar Natural Farming is first technology which claims that none of any manure and fertilizer is a food of plants or tree, so not necessary to use any manure and fertilizer. If chemical farming, organic farming and unnatural synthetic food will be continued in human consumption, then in incoming 20 years every human will suffer by cancer, hypertension, diabetes. these deathly diseases. So, at any cost we have to stop the consumption of chemical food, organic food and synthetic chemically processed food.

Then what is the alternative food ? Only naturally grown poison free, non polluted, nutritious and medicinal food is to be utilized which is ready to be given by Vedamrita Care Pvt. ltd. Because in our food chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides, chemical fungicides, herbicides, synthetic hormones, compost vermicompost, organic fertilizers, and other organic farming inputs are not utilized at any cost. So, no deposition of toxins in the human cells, therefore no killing of useful beneficial bacteria, no loosing of human immunity, only eating of naturally grown poison free nutritious and medicinal food, ultimately natural immunity is developed in human body, so no disease.

Contact with Our Master Trainer of Natural and Spiritual Farming Deepak Raghav - FARMING TRAINER & EDUCATOR

Deepak Raghav, 28 year old farming Enthusiast from Delhi, who has tested and perfected the 5 layer Farming Technique, A Technique that increases the farm income 5 times.

VEDAMRITA's Noble Aim is to Provide Natural Food and Natural Life throughout the World.