Importance of Panchagavya

Importance of Panchagavya

Panchagavya is getting immense popularity among people looking for organic farming. Panchagavya is a mixture of 5 ingredients that includes cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd, and ghee. It has proven that this mixture can boost immunity in plants and help them grow.

Panchagavya effects


It has been noticed that plant that has spread with panchagavya produce bigger leaf and plants canopy is denser than other used chemicals.Enhanced biological efficiency has also been noticed as it activates the photosynthetic system with maximum metabolites and photosynthetic.


Growing plants with panchagavya provide strong and sturdy trees that can carry maximum fruits also capable of produce side shoots and branches are high.


Once you start using panchagavya you can see the changes from roots as it gets dense and prolific. The use of panchagavya keeps the root fresh for a long time. The roots get strong and grow in deeper layers which helps the root to take maximum nutrients.


The best part about using panchagavya that it can be used on every plant and not only keep plants healthy but also gives us chemical-free food our table.  It is natural so it also keeps the soil healthy and you can keep on farming for a long time.

Why panchagavya?

The organic farming industry is seeing real awesome growth and this will only be going to increase shortly. With the advancement in technology and government initiative, the trend in this industry is changing very fast. Loans are available for farmers so that they can adopt new and advance technology. Today farmers are educated enough to use the internet and take out important information so that quality products should reach to end-user.

Uses of panchagavya are gaining a lot of popularity because here you can offer organic grains or fruits to customers. This industry has seen advancements with the discovery of technologies that helps the farmers in getting connected with expert people who can provide a solution for farming-related issues and buy panchagavya online.

Health benefits

People are now aware of the side effect of a chemical in their food so they are tending towards organic food and it can be achieved only by organic farming which required panchagavya.

These days, more and more farmers, and agriculturists are adopting organic farming and for them, panchagavya is a beneficial deal. When you have apps and software right in your mobile then you can get connected with the experts and take their help ensuring that plants will grow better and healthier. The pancgagavya price is reasonable as compared to chemical-based compost.

Many factors required for good organic farming and this is why technological advancement has become an important factor of agriculture. To seek immediate help and also to buy panchagavya online. There are stores online that provide these incredible products that allow farmers to produce chemical free food grains, fruits, and veggies.

When it comes to farming, Many stores are available in the field that offering natural compost at a reasonable price to make the life easy for the farmer.

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